Airtime switching

Efficient switching allows merchants in various industries to effortlessly assist their customers with quick payment solutions. This allows merchants to offer customers a variety of payment options with guaranteed accuracy of payment processing. When implementing airtime switching, merchants gain an immediate advantage over competitors as it allows their customers to fulfil more shopping needs in one store visit.


Ecentric assists retail businesses with airtime switching services. Our software and backup support affords a competitive edge to our customers in granting access for their customers to a wider variety of payment methods and value-added services. Implementation is simplified, thanks to our single integration platform, backed by efficiency guarantees of near 100% uptime. For merchants, this translates to the flexibility to offer their customers digital services in a hassle-free manner that will not only increase client satisfaction but boost merchant revenue.

Airtime switching can also be programmed for the easy share of airtime quantities across networks. With it, businesses can receive smaller payments through airtime. As a web service, this switching can be integrated into applications or USSD menus for payment making.

The benefits of airtime switching for your business

In saturated markets, staying ahead of the game is essential to maintain a competitive advantage. This is often why many retailers endeavour to offer their clients more value-added services, such as purchasing airtime at a till point as part of their other shopping activity.

Businesses that have yet to offer their clients these day-to-day conveniences are missing out, as customer loyalty is easily swayed by accessibility to needs. Compliment your business’ core services with value-added solutions to boost revenue and strengthen customer loyalty. By more readily meeting client needs, they are more likely to return and recommend your business to others.

Seamless OmniHub integration

The Ecentric OmniHub is an innovative payment processor that provides access to multiple digital service providers and their associated types of payments, without needing to separately integrate with each provider. With this software, businesses across all industries can embrace the future of payments and value-added services, including access to airtime switching software.

If you are interested in implementing airtime switching or an array of digital services, contact our team.


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