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The launch of Ecentric’s QR Code Solution is indeed a superb shift in the right direction of secure, contactless payments.  This dynamic QR technology, with an extensive list of payment options available through a wide array of onboarded service providers, further strengthens Ecentric’s position as a market leader in payment solutions. 

Shoppers at onboarded retailers will now have the option to elect to pay by contactless QR code.  The shopper election triggers the generation and display of a dynamic, EMVCo-standard QR code on the in-store POS keypad or online checkout portal.  This QR code is scanned by the shopper, using their smart device, selecting their preferred scan-to-pay payment method. Powered by the Ecentric OmniHub, the OmniSwitch delivers merchant settlement, providing the customer with the ultimate convenience in secure, contactless payment and the retailer with secure, accurate merchant settlement.

“Our QR code payment solution sees Ecentric as the first payment provider to offer dynamic QR code payments in both in-store and virtual shopping environments,” says Richard Perks, Product Executive at Ecentric Payment Systems.  Speaking with Richard ahead of the product launch, Sales and Marketing Executive, Rory Bosman, goes on to add that this product offers never-yet-seen extraordinary differentiators that will change the contactless payment experience for shoppers.  Apart from the QR code technology extended to into online space, Ecentric has successfully integrated an extensive list of wallet options available to onboarding retailers, with leading service providers already integrated and accessible to shoppers. 

Association and conventional payment methods incorporated include:







Pay Just Now (and other Buy Now Pay Later product offerings)

Apart from the convenience to their shoppers, onboarding retailers will be excited to learn that this single integration offers strategic and immediate access to Ecentric’s OmniHub. The OmniHub product is Ecentric’s all-in-one payment processor for the sale of an extensive range of value-added products, including electricity, airtime, gift cards and much more. 

More information on this exciting new product launch from Ecentric is available on:

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