Electricity switching

Switching software allows merchants to effortlessly assist their customers with quick and accurate payment options. When implementing electricity switching, merchants allow their clients to fulfil more needs by simply choosing their outlet.

electricity switching

At Ecentric, we assist businesses across the retail industry by providing leading switching software to ensure that they can offer their clients value-added services in a way that is economic and efficient to all business processes. We deliver near 100% uptime to assist our customers in effortlessly offering an array of digital services.

Why switching is important for your business

The time efficiency of switching often leads to its undeniable benefits being forgotten. This process, which occurs in a few seconds, allows for payment authorisation to occur between all parties involved. This authorisation ensures the safety and accuracy of the payment being made and provides this service swiftly to ensure high client satisfaction.

Retailers in highly saturated markets understand the difficulty of winning and retaining customers. Modern day client satisfaction pertains to more than only the quality of products and services. Individuals now hold their expectation of products and services in as high of a regard, forcing merchants to think outside of the box to provide their clients with solutions they may not realise they need.

Choosing to partner with a switching provider that ensures near 100% uptime and rapid switching supports merchants in delivering customer satisfaction and improving loyalty. We assist with the implementation of electricity switching, which allows convenience and can be an important deciding factor between you and your competitor.

As studies show a direct correlation between customer loyalty and satisfaction, maintaining satisfaction should be a high priority. With electricity switching, merchants create a service experience that is fast, efficient and guaranteed to be remembered for customer convenience. Electricity switching allows merchants to further harness an advantage as it can be enjoyed with various other digital service opportunities. This form of switching also creates a boost in company revenue.

Make your business stand out from the crowd with Ecentric. We assist with switching services delivered with sound transitions, whilst maintaining efficient reconciliation that draws accurate information across all payment platforms.

What electricity switching can do for your retail space

Using integrated switching and value-added services allow customers to efficiently fulfil their needs at one outlet, making them more likely to revisit. With various online payment solutions growing across the globe, all markets are pushing to be the leaders in in-store and online spaces.


Improves customer loyalty


Builds business revenue


Adds competitive advantage

OmniHub – an all-inclusive switching solution

With functionally loyal customers, offering the best customer service and high-quality products is no longer all it takes. With Ecentric’s OmniHub platform, merchants can gain access to multiple digital service providers with a single integration. This enables retailers to offer their clients extensive value-added services without hindering the flow of business processes.

With Ecentric’s electricity switching software, merchants are given the opportunity to seamlessly sync all their online offerings to one location. Interested or want to know more? Contact our experts.


Interested or want to know more?