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Breaking through refund Fraud: Expose shrinkage

In our latest article, we unpack how risk enters the client services space and offer a solution to greater visibility of this risk. Read the full story below:

It is safe to say that ecommerce adoption is certainly set to stay. In the spirit of Black Friday and the week leading up to it, read more about the 10 interesting ecommerce trends that we are watching unfold in our latest blog post below:

We’re excited to announce the launch of our dynamic, in-house integrated QR-code solution, designed to facilitate payment via QR acceptance at point-of-purchase. Read all about this exciting advancement on mobile payment technologies below-

Hot off the press - read our latest blog post below on Ecentric's world-class reconciliation software product and why it's the #1 pick for finance team efficiency.

Levelling The Playing Field Between Cash, Card And Digital Is Key In The Financial Inclusion Debate via @TechFinancials

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the retail sector: the South African conundrum
Read the full article by Wendy Tembedza here:
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