Money Transfers

A proven counter-to-counter money transfer service for retailers, allowing consumers to send cash to any beneficiary using their preferred channel. Businesses can send to multiple selected receivers. The service is available in multiple domestic markets in Southern Africa and cross border.


money transfers


Proven in the market for more than ten years


Certified system compliance domestic & cross border


High levels of security & trust developed


Minimal support required, in store & at help desks


Integration options

  • Integration with cash cards or wallets for customer preferred cash out options.
  • Postilion and web service integration options.
Easy & Affordable
  • Minimal implementation and maintenance investment.
  • Easy access to all reports required by store and back-office staff.
Customer Approval
  • A service easily understood by cash-based customers.
  • High adoption rates and reuse by customers.
  • Sponsoring bank of your choice.
  • Voucher number and PIN selection options available.
  • Choice of system generated SMSs to be sent to the sender or receiver.

Our money transfer service facilitates the connection between banks and merchants to enable easy-to-use digital and cash-based payments. With this service, retailers can now offer their customers a service to send money to multiple selected receivers. We can assist with money transfer software to domestic markets in Southern Africa, as well as cross border via our partners in a range of African territories.

Our single integration system allows retailers to access this, and many other digital services, in a hassle-free manner to give their customers a selection of purchasing solutions that will promote them returning to your establishment, increasing foot traffic and additional sales.

Ecentric provides the technical platform for money transfers and can facilitate in effectively managing the process through our OmniHub and ReconAssist™ services.

Why use money transfers

By offering customers access to simple-yet-safe cash transfer services, greater share of customer loyalty is the ultimate result.  Our money transfer services system has been proven successful in the market for over 10 years and offers high levels of safety and security to mitigate fraudulent activity. Further to this, we offer certified system compliance for money transfers in the domestic market and for cross border use.

When implemented, this system requires minimal support for a successful roll-out. It has simple to use software which makes the process easy and efficient for both merchant and client. With online money transfers, merchants can enjoy unparalleled reliability with 99.99% uptime across our two geographic locations.

Further to this, OmniHub, our omnichannel value-added services solution, enables retailers to offer customers a range of digital services through a single integration setup. This makes management and reconciliation a flawless process whilst adding a definitive competitive advantage to any business. By taking the growing online platform head on, in-store retailers can now integrate services such as money transfers into their online platforms for upgraded store services and offer an overall improved shopping experience.

The uniqueness of Ecentric’s cash to cash Money Transfers

Our proven, counter to counter money transfer service, increasingly available in Africa, is specifically designed for retail environments. Flexible configuration options satisfy retailer specific requirements and are available to be supported by the retailer’s bank of choice. The service is scalable to allow for sending and receiving through additional channels such as wallets, accounts, mobile phones and ATMs.

If you are interested in our money transfer services or would like to hear more directly from our experts, please get in touch.

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