Payment Portals Explained

Payment portals act as ‘middlemen’ between the customer and merchant to ensure that the transaction is carried out according to regulations, securely and promptly.

payment portals

What are payment portals?

Payment portals act as ‘middlemen’ between the customer and merchant to ensure that the transaction is carried out according to regulations, securely and promptly. As the middleman, payment portals handle all sensitive data needed for communication between the acquirer and merchant.

These payment portals are an integral part of the online purchasing process as they ultimately facilitate the transaction and ensure its security. Ecentric offers payment portal solutions that provide a convenient software integration process.

Which parties are involved in this process?


The Merchant

The business making the sale of a product or service.


The Consumer

The cardholder desirous of purchasing the offered products or services.


The Issuer
The consumer’s bank.


The Acquirer

The merchant’s bank.


The Payment Portal

The software that facilitates the transaction. This portal allows the payment to be passed from the consumer, through the payment gateway to the merchant.

Why should you use Ecentric online payment portals?


Our payment portals are fully compliant to ensure high security and protection of the company and consumer.


Online transactions processed through our payment portals are processed in real-time for optimal user experience.

Redirected portals can be branded for a seamless visual experience.
Portals can be accessed for payments at any time of the day and are responsive on any web browser accessing device.
Features can be modified to allow for payment plans.

The benefits of using Ecentric payment portals

switch_tick They are automated

The automation of payment processing means that an employee does not need to be monitoring it for the process to work seamlessly, at any time of the day. Our payment portals help businesses grow revenue whilst saving them time and money. The automation of this process also allows for the configuration of the software to allow for a variety of payment options.

switch_tick  Offers superior flexibility

Our online payment portals offer high flexibility and can be customised visually and practically. Not only can these payment portals be branded, but they can be built to feature customer specific data, such as previous invoices. This can help lower the need for online sales assistance, as consumers can access their information in a user-friendly manner.

switch_tick  Access to analytics

The online nature of Ecentric payment portals enables businesses to take a closer look into user analytics to source vital information regarding the online shopping behaviours of key demographics. This improves decision making regarding things like product advancements and where to direct marketing attention.

Why are our payment portals essential for your payment processing?

As these payments are considered ‘card not present’ transactions, due to the physical card not being used during a transaction, the information relied on is that which the consumer is entering through the portal. To avoid fraudulent behaviour, it is essential to make use of reliable payment processing software to validate the information provided and ensure that the necessary funds are present for the transaction to occur.
Without the protection offered by modern payment portals such as the Ecentric portals, the data being processed is more easily accessible, which exposes the consumer and business to fraud. This has the potential to not only harm financial standing but can also severely damage the brand’s reputation. Additionally, our payment portal protects the merchant from expired cards, closed accounts and exceeded limits.
Are you interested in establishing secure and reliable payment portals for your business? Get in touch with the experts at Ecentric Payment Solutions.

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