ReconAssist™ helps you determine the difference between what should be in your bank account and what actually is – and then fix it. We call this difference, ‘Drift’ and our research shows that the average drift on bank settlement alone is approximately 1% to 3% of turnover.

Reduce Costs

Fast, accurate exception
management ensures
reduced costs.

Easy & Customisable

Minimal training required &
customer enhancements
available on request.

All Major Banks

All banks and major
VAS suppliers

How it works

Reconciliation is prepared and processed overnight for store and back office staff to perform their daily audit functions, confirming all transactions are accurately processed and settled by 3rd parties.

A leading, integrated product

A single solution for all checks and balances between systems required for financial certainty and internal audit compliance.

Highlights and presents exceptions to administrators for investigation and rectification.
Calculates principle amounts, fees and commissions with automated settlement with service providers.
Integrates into the General Ledger for automated postings of transactions, corrections, calculations and adjustments.

Transaction Types

The uniqueness of Ecentric’s ReconAssist™

ReconAssist™ is purpose built for Tier 1 retailers and accounts for all financial transactions at a line-item level as opposed to a summary level. It is fully featured, easy to use and easily implementable into a retail environment. It is secure, provides  the specific reports required and enables faster period closure. Once implemented, it ultimately helps provide the financial certainty that the business requires. 

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