The Ecentric Switching Service links all your customer channels to the issuers and acquirers for payment and VAS services including instore and online.

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point to point encryption

First certified

decryption provider in SA

Postilion based  switch_tick

Active-active – geographically separated  switch_tick

Dual acquirer (all banks)  switch_tick

Full redundancy  switch_tick

Listed P2PE solution provider  switch_tick

Closely coupled with Ecentric’s ReconAssist™ (RA+)  switch_tick

Fully managed 24 x 7 x 365 service  switch_tick

Multiple payment types including mobile wallets & contactless payments  switch_tick

The uniqueness of our leading Switching Services

Ecentric has earned its reputation as a leading payments service provider by providing reliable services to several major South African retailers. We have also assisted some of these brands through their expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our switching services include the efficient implementation and certification of new pin pads, payment types, value-added services and acquirers, which are all supported by our unique reconciliation engine, ReconAssist™, to ease the time required of otherwise resource-hungry financial processes.

Our expertly managed switching services offer near 100% uptime on a 24/7/365 basis, maintained through active-active solutions. This is differentiated by two geographically separated locations which aids in maintaining uptime.



We are fully compliant





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Switching services – real-time transaction processing

We offer uninterrupted switching services that links customer channels to acquirers and issuers for efficient in-store and online payments. We help facilitate accurate communication between the parties involved in the payment process and dynamically route to acquirers and service providers for fast processing and superior customer satisfaction.

As payment options grow, merchants become more vulnerable to transaction failures. These can lead to customer dissatisfaction and harm brand reputation. Therefore, having efficient switching software in place is a must for any high functioning environment. We offer switching on a merchant-driven rules-based authorization basis that covers the entire transaction spectrum from security to the settlement of electronic funds.

Our third-party switching software allows for the information given by customers to be validated, for the availability of funds to be confirmed and for the deduction of funds to occur. In just a few seconds, the switch allows the merchant’s acquirer to be correctly identified and the transaction to be issued for the merchant to permit the transaction in real-time.

Why use our switching services?

Efficient switching services allow for millions of transactions to dynamically occur at once, whilst ensuring P2PE encryption to mitigate fraud and improve overall security. These transactions can occur across platforms, whether online or in-store and through a variety of payment methods. The automation of this process allows for reports to be easily generated and tracked in real-time, enables seamless reconciliation across all payment types and ensures the settlement of all accounts involved.

Our switching services allow merchants to complete day-to-day transactions quickly and efficiently. This ensures the proper management of business finances, gives merchants the peace of mind that the sales they are concluding are completed in good faith and acts advantageously to the competitiveness of service quality.

The interoperability of our systems allows all payment chains to be connected in one platform, providing easy control of payment operations.




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