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*First PSP to obtain PCIDSS certification

*First with 3-way recon
*First with Active / Active / Dual Acquirer
*First PSP Globally appointed P2PE decryption provider status
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Links all your customer channels to the issuers and aquirers for payment and VAS services including instore and online.

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Our market leading, single platform enterprise reconciliation solution provides end-to-end automated reconciliation to businesses, recording and accounting for all omnichannel transactions processed.
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Online Payments
A payments service to enable businesses to receive online payments from their customers, through various online channels and payment methods.
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Money Transfers

A proven, counter-to-counter money transfer service for retailers that allows consumers to send cash to any beneficiary using their preferred channel.
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A platform which gives you access to multiple participating digital service providers and alternative payment types (current and future), without you having to integrate directly with all those providers. It enables you to embrace the future world of payments and value-added services with a single integration.

Why Us?

We offer a comprehensive experience and expertise across the payments landscape in SA. We handle all the one-to-many payment relationships on your behalf. We are leaders in payment compliance and security.




A leading, integrated reconciliation product


Over 6 billion transactions reconciled

Over 4 billion transactions switched
Over R1 trillion processed
Over 60 000 tills connected


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