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In Person Payments

Ecentric’s In-Person Payment Services extend across 17 African nations, ensuring integrated, secure and seamless payment processing directly at your point of sale.

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Ecentric has earned its reputation as a leading payment service provider through reliable In Person Payment Services to major retailers across the continent. Our comprehensive offering includes the provision and support of payment devices and facilitating their integration into your POS/till software.

Why use our In Person Payments?

Seamless in-person payment services allow for millions of transactions to dynamically occur at once, whilst ensuring Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) to mitigate fraud and improve overall security.

At Ecentric, we specialise in device procurement, installation and overall device management, ensuring accurate communication, and enabling fast and reliable transactions for an enhanced customer experience.

Our in-person payment services allow merchants to complete day-to-day transactions quickly and efficiently, giving our merchants the peace of mind that sales are accurately processed.

Our back office system facilitates reporting and real-time tracking of transactions. Additionally, it facilitates three-way reconciliation of payment transactions between merchant tills, our processor and what the acquirer settled.

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We are fully compliant

The Benefits

Discover the benefits of our in person payment services today and join leading merchants who trust us for secure and seamless transaction management.

Cutting-edge technology

Our in person payments include the efficient implementation and certification of new pin pads, payment types, value-added services and acquirers.

System interoperability

With exceptional system interoperability, merchants gain control over their payment operations, simplifying processes and increasing efficiency. The interoperability of our systems allows all payment chains to be connected in one platform, providing easy control of payment operations.

Supported by ReconAssist™

Ecentric’s in person payment services are all supported by our unique reconciliation engine, ReconAssist™, which removes manual payment reconciliation overhead.

Near 100% uptime

Our expertly managed In Person payments service offers near 100% uptime, supported 24/7/365. Reliability is maintained by an active-active architecture implemented across two geographically separated locations.
Ensuring secure and seamless In-Person payment services is essential for managing millions of transactions in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) is applied across all Ecentric In Person transactions. This combats fraud and reduces PCI compliance overhead for our merchants.


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