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About Us

The Ecentric Story

Launched in 1998, Ecentric is characterised by innovation and a strong culture of excellence.

Fast forward to today, Ecentric now processes 20% of South Africa’s card transactions and serves as a trusted payments partner to 65% of JSE-listed retailers – serving their in-store, online, mobile and omnichannel payments requirements.

The history

Twenty five years ago, the founders identified the need for a payments partner that serves more than one retailer, across more than one payment channel. At the time, providing merchant licences to retailers was a hurdle and legacy payment systems were too slow in processing and switching payments, and could not keep up with the market demand.


To meet this demand and present a solution, the founders leveraged strong relationships and partnerships with key market players in South Africa as Ecentric positioned itself as a trusted third-party payments partner to top tier retailers across the country.


These early customers recognised that Ecentric had a stronger payment solution – backed by robust infrastructure and the best service available.

Ecentric today

Looking ahead, Ecentric is committed to driving financial inclusion in Africa by providing payment solutions that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or financial position. We believe that by making payments more secure, accessible and seamless, Ecentric can help to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life for people across the continent.

We go beyond being just an employer – we are a long-term career growth partner in South Africa’s payments industry. Here, you can unleash your potential, embrace innovation, and shape the future of the payments industry.

Our Culture

At Ecentric, our culture thrives on payments innovation across Africa and driving success for the retailers of the future. As a team, we are dedicated to creating and delivering world-class payment solutions and services that empower our clients’ business growth and enhance consumer experiences. Trusted relationships and continuous evolution alongside payment technology are the cornerstones of our culture at Ecentric.


Meet our team of extraordinary individuals