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Our in person payment services allow merchants to complete day-to-day transactions quickly and efficiently. This ensures the proper management of business finances, gives merchants the peace of mind that the sales are accurately processed and acts advantageously to the competitiveness of service quality.

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Device acquisition, installation, and management

We provide merchants with a diverse selection of devices tailored to various industries, enhancing payment processes for seamless transactions.

Integrated devices

We excel in offering customers fully integrated POS and Till management devices. Our range of seamless and cost-effective integration solutions is complemented by our reconciliation service, ReconAssist.

Real-time transaction processing

We offer uninterrupted in person payment services that link customer channels to acquirers and issuers for efficient and secure payments. We help facilitate accurate communication between the parties involved in the payment process and dynamically route to acquirers and service providers for fast processing and superior customer satisfaction.

Cutting-edge technology

Our In Person Payments include the efficient implementation and certification of new pin pads, payment types, value-added services and acquirers.

System interoperability

With exceptional system interoperability, merchants gain control over their payment operations, simplifying processes and increasing efficiency. The interoperability of our systems allows all payment chains to be connected in one platform, providing easy control of payment operations.

Supported by ReconAssist™

Ecentric’s in person payment services are all supported by our unique reconciliation engine, ReconAssist™, to ease the time required of otherwise resource-draining financial processes.

Near 100% uptime

Our expertly managed In Person Payment services offer near 100% uptime on a 24/7/365 basis, maintained through active-active solutions. This is differentiated by two geographically separated locations which aids in maintaining uptime.

The uniqueness of Ecentric’s In Person Payments

  • Integrated POS and Till
  • Device options to suit customer user experience
  • Scaleable and robust rollout
  • Man-in-the-van assistance
  • Integrated reconciliation via ReconAssist
  • Ecentric switching service
  • Uptime 100%
  • Service levels and 24/7 monitoring
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