ReconAssist™ helps you determine the difference between what should be in your bank account and what actually is – and then fix it. We call this difference, ‘Drift’ and our research shows that the average drift on bank settlement alone is approximately 1% to 3% of turnover.

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Reduce Costs

Fast, accurate exception
management ensures
reduced costs.

Easy & Customisable

Minimal training required &
customer enhancements
available on request.


All Major Banks

All banks and major
VAS suppliers

How it works

Reconciliation is prepared and processed overnight for store and back office staff to perform their daily audit functions, confirming all transactions are accurately processed and settled by 3rd parties.
reconciliation software

Leading reconciliation software

This reconciliation software enables merchants to see their financial landscape for a set period of time for ultimate financial certainty and accuracy. It helps businesses easily resolve settlement differences in bank card transactions, down to the exact location and purchase and reduces the need for manual error finding, eliminating the possibility of human error. ReconAssist™ can also identify cash errors by comparing recorded daily takings of POS systems versus cash deposited.

With this software, businesses of all sizes can:


Reduce losses.

Create fast and accurate exception management.

Reduce operational costs.

Utilise easy and customisable reconciliation software.
Have access to reconcile with all major banks.

Have reconciliation of all banks and major VAS suppliers.

How our reconciliation software works

Our software delivers overnight reconciliation in support of in-store and back office functions. Financial staff subsequently perform their daily audit functions, confirming all transactions are accurately processed and settled by 3rd parties. Where discrepancies are found, those transactions can be easily identified and rectified.

ReconAssist™ considers the following:


A leading, integrated and streamlined solution

ReconAssist™ is a single solution for all checks and balances between systems required for financial certainty and internal audit compliance.


It successfully highlights and presents all exceptions to administrators for further investigation and rectification.


Accurately calculating principal amounts, fees and commissions through an automated settlement.


Can also be integrated into General Ledger for automated postings of transactions, corrections, calculations and adjustments for an even more flawless process.

ReconAssist™ functions with the following transaction types:

ReconAssist_transaction types

Bank Cards

ReconAssist_transaction types2

Cash Recon

ReconAssist_transaction types

Corporate Outgoing Payments

ReconAssist_transaction types

Bank Statements

ReconAssist_transaction types2

Mobile Payments

ReconAssist_transaction types

In-house Cards

ReconAssist_transaction types

Value-added Services

Prepaid, Bills Payments
& Financial Services
Why it is time to utilise reconciliation software

This software strives to offer business zero write-offs.

Our reconciliations software is user friendly and requires minimal once-off training.
Lessens manual error for larger organisations.
The software has scalability to grow with the business without having to expand the financial team.

Our software can provide all data immediately without having to compile.

Easily pinpoints where money is and where there are discrepancies.

This software offers upfront reports suitable for efficient use in franchisee markets.

As reconciliation occurs in the background, what was a time-consuming process is now quick and efficient.
Integration and formatting can be customised for integration into various systems.
This software offers a uniform solution across all sectors.

Our reconciliation software can be utilised worldwide.

The uniqueness of Ecentric’s ReconAssist™

ReconAssist™, initially built to assist retailers, is easy to use and easily implementable in any environment. It is secure, provides the specific reports required and enables faster period closure. Once implemented, this reconciliation software ultimately helps provide the financial certainty that all businesses require.

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