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  • Existing In-Person Payments clients (only)
  • Limited to x3 user access
  • Acquirer & Switch view
  • Bank card data view (only)
  • Reporting & dashboards
  • Limited support
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Onboarding FREE!
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Professional from




  • Any Acquirer/Switch/POS
  • 3-way matching algorithm
  • EFT/Card module
  • Exception management
  • Fees & commissions calculator**
  • VAS module**
  • Postings module **
  • Bespoke POS/payment types **
  • Settlement instructions**

** Additional fees apply

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  • All of Professional
  • Dedicated environment with DR
  • Dedicated customer success
  • Bespoke requirements **
  • Bespoke POS/Payment Types **
  • Onboarding **

** Additional fees apply

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Which plan is right for me?

In general, the choice depends on the specific service you require. If you run a small to medium-sized business, ReconAssist Lite or Professional should be sufficient for your daily reconciliation needs. However, if your transaction volumes are substantial, exceeding 1 million transactions per day, an Enterprise solution is likely necessary. It’s worth noting that we do offer a Free solution, with the condition that you either utilise our in-store switching or our online payment gateway service.

Typically how long are the contractual terms?

To account for the effort and complexity involved, we typically request our clients to commit to a 24-month contract. However, please note that the notice period for termination, which is typically three months, may vary depending on the specifics of the sales negotiation.

What is the process after I reach out to sales?

Our Head of New Business will schedule a brief 15-minute call to go over some pre-qualifying questions to determine if our product aligns with your needs. Following this, we’ll arrange a demonstration, either through MS Teams or in person, depending on your geographic location. Subsequently, we’ll provide you with a proposal for your review.

Can we try before we buy with Pro or Enterprise?

In brief, yes. For Enterprise inquiries, we typically don’t conduct Proof of Concepts (POCs) or Pilots unless the commercial benefits justify the effort. Regarding Professional inquiries, access to our demo site can be provided, although this isn’t a standard request and would require discussion with our sales experts.

Do I need onboarding services?

Certainly, the onboarding process for Enterprise does incur an additional cost due to the complexities involved in payment reconciliation, unless your need includes the configuration of payment services not already included in our libraries.

Our Lite and Professional don’t incur onboarding fees unless there are services we have not done before and are not natively available in our libraries.


To read “unless your need includes the configuration of payment services not already included in our libraries”

How long does onboarding take?

Typically, the onboarding process for Enterprise and Professional can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months. However, the exact duration depends on your specific service requirements and the complexities associated with your ecosystem and architecture.

What is a mark-off file?

This refers to the settlement bank leg file that we receive from any of the four major banks.

What is a switch file?

This is the switch leg file that we receive upon processing a payment through your switch.

What is a POS file?

This is the POS leg file that we receive upon processing a payment through your point of sale.


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