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Twenty five years ago, the founders identified the need for a payments partner that serves more than one retailer, across more than one payment channel. At the time, providing merchant licences to retailers was a hurdle and legacy payment systems were too slow in processing and switching payments, and could not keep up with the market demand.

“Our QR code payment solution sees Ecentric as the first payment provider to offer dynamic QR code payments in both in-store and virtual shopping environments.”

Richard Perks
Product Executive at Ecentric Payment Systems

Association and conventional payment methods incorporated include:

  • MyWorld
  • Zapper
  • Payflex
  • Pay Just Now (and other Buy Now Pay Later product offerings)

Apart from the convenience to their shoppers, onboarding retailers will be excited to learn that this single integration offers strategic and immediate access to Ecentric’s OmniHub. The OmniHub product is Ecentric’s all-in-one payment processor for the sale of an extensive range of value-added products, including electricity, airtime, gift cards and much more.