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The Ecentric OmniHub is a platform which gives you access to multiple participating digital service providers and alternative payment types (current and future), without you having to integrate directly with all those providers. It enables you to embrace the future world of payments and value-added services with a single integration.

Features of our alternate payment processor

The single integration with Ecentric
  • OmniHub provides access to multiple service providers, financial technologies, innovators and alternative payment types
Comprised of:
  • This solution comprises multiple compartments to provide a one-stop solution. This includes Switch, Ledger and Pay, to efficiently manage settlement, fees and commissions associated with value-added services
A built-in Ledger for off-the-shelf:
  • Any new payment methods or services that merchants wish to add are only limited by their configuration and enable digital wallet payments, application payments, rewards as you pay, e-vouchers, e-coupons and gift cards
Once off integration with your ledger
  • New payment methods or services are limited to configuration only.
  • Services such as e-commerce, crypto-acceptance and VAS acceptance can be easily enabled through an ‘ON’ switch on our ledger
  • Participate in the world of interoperability with the OmniCode token host
  • Access to Ecentric as an aggregator of aggregators
  • The tracking and calculation of fees, commissions and the execution of settlements can all occur easily from the hub

The uniqueness of the Ecentric OmniHub

  • You won’t need to integrate with each service provider individually as the OmniHub allows for a single once-off integration for access to all participating providers
  • The OmniHub will provide easy reconciliation readiness
  • Our software is secure, compliant, fast and always-on, from pin pad, site or app to any service provider
  • There are built-in gateways for simple access to current and future digital services, for example, online payments, mobile payments, crypto and VAS
  • OmniHub includes out of the box app payments (QR, Token, NFC), electronic vouchers, coupons and receipts and will in future include out-the-box Gift Cards, Remittances and Rewards
  • OmniHub is a cost-effective solution to give clients access to an array of value-added services
  • Zero ongoing IT impact to finance, Point of Sale, or back-office systems.
Available in South Africa and across parts of the African continent, our OmniHub payment processor is supported by ReconAssist™ for effortless reconciliation, free from human error.